Universal Typewriter Ribbon Twin Spool Black 1/2" Cloth
Universal Typewriter Ribbon Twin Spool Black 1/2
Manufacturer : EBS Ribbons
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Product Description
Universal Typewriter Ribbon Twin Spool Black 1/2" Cloth
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #35 in Single Detail Page Misc
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: EBS Ribbons
  • Model: FJA B277-BK
  • Dimensions: .90" h x 4.40" w x 4.90" l,
  • Product Features
  • Spool Ribbons
  • Typewriter Ribbons
  • Ink for Typewriters
  • Twin Spool Cloth Ribbon
  • Typewriter Ribbon Tape Fabric
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    51/2" ribbon is 1/2" ribbon, will work on anything
    By ~GJ~
    Very few brands of typewriters used anything other than this size of ribbon, and you can graft it onto almost anything. Unless you have a crazy rare typewriter from 1890 or earlier or one that looks completely bizarre and uses ink pads or something, this will probably work, especially if you already have the old spools, but the ink has just dried out over time.


    Almost every metal spool on a typewriter holds onto the ink ribbon with a sharp little metal spearhead that simply pierces the silk and holds onto it that way. When you buy a new ribbon like this one, simply roll it all onto one spool, disconnect the ribbon (detach or cut with scissors), and replace the old ribbon with this one by skewering it on the spear instead, going the same way.

    Then wind to the original spool, and attach it to the spear on the other original spool. In other words, just replace the actual fabric ribbon, but NOT the spool that holds it (original spools holds more value for your typewriter anyway), and this will work on literally hundreds of different brands, no matter what.

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    5Underwood Typewriter Ribbon
    By bostess
    I purchased this to use with my 1940 Underwood Master. It fit perfectly onto the ribbon spools and prints with nice dark black ink. Couldn't be happier with this purchase or the price.

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    5Perfect Fit, Dark Ink
    By SarahWV
    We found a typewriter at an antiques store and bought it just for fun. I was happily surprised to realize that typewriter ribbons are still made, and easy to find. This ribbon arrived even sooner than promised and fits perfectly. (The ribbon is a half inch wide and the reel diameter is two inches.) The ink is nice and dark. We've left the typewriter out on the kitchen counter, where family members type out random thoughts as they pass by. It's been fun to learn that the age/technology gap works both ways, as the kids have needed help to learn how to set margins, underline, center a line and so on.

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