Acco Brands Binder Clips, Medium, 12 per Box, 2 Boxes (A7072050)
Acco Brands Binder Clips, Medium, 12 per Box, 2 Boxes (A7072050)
Manufacturer : ACCO Brands
Amazon Price : $4.01
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Product Description
Reusable black binder clip with metal arms securely fastens stacks of paper. Tempered steel provides extra strong hold and clips spring back into shape when removed. Multiple sizes available.12 clips per box. 2 boxes (24 clips total).
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #646 in Office Product
  • Size: 2 Pack
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: ACCO Brands
  • Model: A7072062
  • Published on: 2015-02-17
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.63" h x 4.94" w x 7.25" l, .20 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Black binder clip with silver arms securely fastens stacks of paper; 12 clips per box, 2 boxes (24 clips total)
  • Tempered steel construction provides extra strong hold; medium size, 5/8" capacity and 1 1/4" width
  • Ideal for reuse, clips spring back into shape when removed
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Perfect binders, strong, durable, highly recommended!
    By Manon Vink
    Perfect binder clips from ACCO. They are sturdy, durable, don't lose their strength over time, don't stay bended/open if I clipped something big with it, easy to pinch and do exactly what you need them to do: keep stuff together and organised. If it's a stack of papers/notes, the cable mess behind the computer or a bag of coffee-beans, unmissable item for the office. And house for that matter. No more 3 half broken staples in important stacks of paperwork, no more ikea-plastics not completely closing the bag of roasted seaweed (bye bye crispiness) and no more trying to fit a rubberband that extra time around something (that will make it either break and hit your nose, or smash whatever you are trying to close/keep together).
    And all for a fair price. Highly recommended!

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    4Classic Binder Clips
    By Chel
    These clips are great. They're strong and sturdy and will last you a long time. The handle tabs can be articulated to fold flat against whatever you're securing. I keep a supply clipped around the edge of my computer monitor. We use these around the home and office, in a few different sizes, for a variety of applications:

    - Wrangling cords: I use these on the front of my desk to hold a variety of charging cords that would otherwise be lying on the floor in a tangled mess. Clip one along the front or back edge of your desk, temporarily pop one of the shiny handle tabs out from the main body of the clip, stick a cord in, and, pop the handle piece back in. The little "keyhole" bit at the end will keep the end of the cord from falling through, and you can easily pull the cord in/out for added length. You can use them on the back edge of the desk to position and guide cords for your keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.

    - Keeping food bags closed: we use one or two clips to close bags of chips, cereal, flour, etc. They're far stronger and more durable than those crappy plastic bag clips I see people using.

    - Storing and filing big packets of paper that won't take staples: I run a home office, and I'm occasionally mailed a big honking insurance policy or contract that is too big for staples. I'll use a clip for permanent storage when filing these away.

    - Keeping office supplies together: I use a few different sized envelopes, and keep a selection of each type close at hand on the desktop, all secured with binder clips to prevent disarray and misery.

    - All sorts of other miscellaneous uses: these are so versatile that your imagination is really the limit: kids' building toys, money clips, art/craft supplies, etc. There are countless creative ideas online.

    I docked a star for two things:
    1. These are not rust-proof, and thus not good in applications where they'll be exposed to excess moisture. I know of no equivalent stainless steel variants available, unless you want to pay a few bucks per clip.
    2. With frequent and extended use, especially to secure items near the maximum thickness recommended by the manufacturer, the main body of the clip will eventually be bent ever-so-slightly open and lose some of its strength. However, I rarely max these out, and they last so long already that, at this price point, I don't greatly mind this minor flaw.

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    5More than one way to use these
    By Jad
    I always have these on hand and use them in all sorts of ways. Here is a short list...

    1. Keeps potato chip, cereal, and other bags tightly rolled up
    2. Have thumb tacks or screws to hang these on for papers, photos, even magazines
    3. Clothes line hangers! Work much better than the wooden sets and no spring to fail
    4. Hold cables together for organization. Need to unplug something? Just open it up and close back on the remaining cables!
    5. When working on my car I use these to hold wires and other small things out of the way
    6. On an aquarium use these not just to organize your cable but to move airline tube out of sight. Use a thumbtack to keep it where you want it
    7. Hang the floor mats from your car to hose them off. I have screws setup just for this purpose. Leave them hanging to dry
    8. Torture

    There are many more ways to use these and I am sure people have great suggestions! Add them to the comments on this review! For the money you just cannot beat the versatility. These well made clips will last a long time and are completely worth buying over and over again.

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