Amprobe VP-440 Non-Contact Voltage Detector
Amprobe VP-440 Non-Contact Voltage Detector
Manufacturer : Amprobe
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Product Description
Detect AC voltage (100-600V) Use non-contact method of voltage testing Totally insulated, no exposed metal or conductive parts Check for AC voltages without necessity of disconnecting the electrical system Test for AC voltage cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets, junction boxes, fuses, etc. CAT III 600V
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #44247 in Home Improvement
  • Brand: Amprobe
  • Model: VP-440
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .4 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Non-contact voltage tester for detecting A) voltage on cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets, junction boxes, and other electrical wiring
  • Average-sensing meter helps provide accurate readings when measuring linear loads with a current or voltage that has a sinusoidal waveform
  • Tester illuminates when AC voltage is detected
  • Measures AC voltage from 50 to 1000V
  • Safety rated to European Standard 61010-031 Category III 1000V
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Non contact testers are NOT all equal
    By quality hawk
    I prefer a tester with light only, no audible and no switch. Always on does not seem to have adverse effect on battery life. Simple, and very dependable. A rapid, light swipe of the tip against my clothing will produce a brief flash from the static charge. That tells me both the diode and battery are good. And I want a less sensitive higher range. It's better, and here is why.
    The voltage range is the sensitivity and that determines its application. The lower range (40-50/600v) is too sensitive and more limited. They will light when close to a group of wires and cannot discriminate among them even if just one is hot and they have been physically separated. Spliced conductors make matters worse. This is where the Amprobe excels. It has a highest range of any N/C tester that I know of and can discriminate among wires that are just millimeters apart. That helps eliminate the error factor of a response from nearby conductors.
    Now, there are 3 notes here. Amprobe is now a part of Fluke and they have not changed this tester. Second is that the spec listed on Amazon is 50/1000 volts because the individual package shows that. This is incorrect. The Mfg website lists this tester twice, under features it is 100/1000 and under specs its 110/1000. I can tell you with certainty that in use this tester functions at the higher range and I have used them for many years. Fluke indicated they are aware of this contradiction. (?????)
    Final note. These tics are nothing more than electromagnetic field sensors and it is possible to get a false reading. If you are holding a hot circuit conductor with your free hand while holding the tester against another conductor including neutrals, the tester may light from the potential thru your body. Avoid holding other wires with your free hand. High humidity intensifies this phenomenon. And they all may do this. (see photos) Given any circumstance for testing, I want the Amprobe over any other.

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    5Is it HOT (live)? This nifty tool will tell you!
    By B. Clark
    I have electrical projects coming up, where I need to cut into an existing circuit. I can turn off the circuit breaker, but in the attic, there's no way to know for sure if the power is off on the cable I need to cut. My search for a reliable non-contact voltage detector brought me here.

    I must have looked over all the different brands here on Amazon. Many reviewers, unhappy with their present purchase, referred to the Amprobe brand as what they went to, or were going to buy. This was what made me decide to buy this specific non-contact voltage probe.

    ? CAUTION - Always test this device before using it, to ensure it's 100% functional!

    The Pros:
    + The shipping is free.
    + Comes with 2 AAA alkaline batteries installed.
    + Nothing to turn on, since it's always on.
    + Very sensitive, even detecting which side of the cable is HOT!

    The Cons:
    - Not the lowest cost non-contact voltage probe, but sometimes it's better to pay more for quality.
    - No audible, just a red flashing light when a voltage is detected. Having an audible wasn't important to me, but some may want an audible with the light.
    - As with most non-contact voltage probes, this probe can't detect voltage presence if the cable is shielded.

    ? When I first tried the probe, it didn't work! I checked the batteries & they were good? The problem was with the battery compartment top, which wasn't screwed on tight enough. Once I tightened it securely, the probe worked perfectly.

    ? Update - January 19, 2013
    I used this nifty tool today to verify the cable I was going to cut was the correct one & to verify the power was turned off.

    I'm upgrading my rating from 4 to 5, as this tool saved me time & works perfectly!

    24 of 24 people found the following review helpful.
    5Licensed electricians review
    By B. electric
    I've been a licensed electrician for over thirty years and love this tool. I use it just about everyday when checking for live circuits. With that said, never fully trust any tester and make sure you test it on a live circuit first. This tester will only read the live side of a romex cable, if you have it on the neutral side (white side) you will not get a reading and you might think the circuit is dead. This tester will not work on bx or amored cable. It is also wonderful for checking hot sides of switches or receptacles when troubleshooting a circuit. Be careful on three wire cables or exterior wire, you will get false readings...this tester blows away the klein tick tracer or the gb brand tick tracer. Although the amprobe does not make noise, (more battery life!) it is far more reliable then these other brand names.

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