The world is full of publishers. Some move forward, some go backward, and some even seem to go nowhere at all. But at Springer we move in our own unique way.
With more than 200 Nobel Prize winners among the authors of our books and journal articles, it is safe to say that Springer has earned its place among the world’s foremost STM publishers. As an e-first company our editors discover the best authors and help to disseminate their research, while our developers deliver the next big thing in scholarly communications. Our dedicated teams crisscross the globe to get journal articles, books, protocols and other products into the hands of the researchers, librarians and practitioners who need them most.
Much has happened since Julius Springer set up shop in Berlin in 1842. Whether you are using or producing research, a society looking for a partner, simply want to learn more or all of the above, look no further than Springer for your choice in publishing partners.
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